Because nobody does summer camp like Olympia!

The moment you enter the front gates, you’ll be welcomed by Olympia with open arms.

Our staff will make Olympia your “home away from home” as you discover new friendships, new adventures, and new challenges and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Over 90 Sports & Activities to Choose From!

Olympia offers a wide range of sports and activities, so you can find one that’s right for you.

You will receive focused instruction in your chosen specialty, including 5 – 6 hours of skills and games.

Sports Adventure Leadership Self-Discovery Arts Fitness Recreation
sports adventure leadership self-discovery arts fitness recreation


With over 90 activities and programs to choose from, all campers play equal time in daily inter-league play with competitively matched teams.
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A low instructor to camper ratio is maintained at all times, with one instructor for every 6 – 7 camper, making individual advice only a question away.
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Our coaches and activity leaders are some of the best, with many having experience at the international, national, provincial, and university levels.
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Through Dave Talk, campers will learn how to apply the latest learning strategies and self-development techniques to their daily lives.
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REAL Staff

Trained in the core values of Olympia, our counsellors and staff are what make Olympia such a rewarding experience for each and every camper.
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REAL Facilities

Olympia’s 40+ acres offers everything you could want in a camp. With fully-equipped cabins, huge outdoor playing fields and courts, and 45,000 sqft of indoor space.
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The BEST Staff

The lifeblood of Olympia is its staff. From senior staff to counsellors, everyone working at Olympia is there to ensure the kids have a fantastic summer!

In fact, most of Olympia’s staff are former campers themselves, so they know how to make the most of the Olympia experience!

Olympia staff are …

  • Athletically-oriented high school seniors, college, or university students who are trained in the core values of Olympia
  • Able to listen to camper’s needs and respond to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment
  • Natural leaders who are caring, co-operative, and foster a sense of teamwork in everything they do

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Fantastic Facilities

The Olympia facilities include everything that is required to provide a safe and fun camping experience. Along with the numerous sports and activities venues, Olympia also houses a tuck shop, health center, lifeguard shack, and even laundry facilities (for multi-week campers).

Camper cabins

Each of our cabins accomodates between 7 – 12 campers. There are 2 counsellors in each cabin.  All cabins are equipped with modern conveniences such as electricity, washrooms and showers.

To ensure a safe camping experience, the group’s counsellors reside in each cabin with his or her campers for the entire week.

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  • 6 basketball courts
  • Weight room
  • Fitness room
  • Aerobics floor
  • Low ropes course
  • Climbing wall
  • HeartMath lab
  • Recreation hall
  • Yoga studio
  • Dining hall


  • 3 full-size playing fields
  • 6 “Pro” basketball courts
  • 2 beach volleyball courts
  • 40’ 4-sided climbing tower
  • 2 high ropes courses
  • 2 zip lines
  • Low ropes courses
  • Giant swing
  • 1,500’ of waterfront
  • 3 campfire pits

The Olympia Mission

At Olympia, our goal is to empower each and every camper to BECOME THE HERO OF HIS OR HER OWN STORY!.

What does this mean?

We see our campers as going on a journey at Olympia – a Hero’s Journey.

Upon arriving at Olympia, camper’s leave their “everyday life” of back home and accept to call to adventure – the Olympia Challenge.

By providing a world-class, up-beat and safe environment, campers learn to participate and share in a community that focuses on positive energy and peer encouragement.

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Our 40-Year History

Olympia Sports Camp is located about 20 minutes away from Huntsville, Ontario near Algonquin Provincial Park. It is located in a beautiful location with over 40 acres of property nestled in between two lakes.

In 1974 Dave Grace started Olympia Sports Camp as a one week basketball camp. Football camp was added a couple of years later, and Olympia moved to its current location in 1980.

Since that time, Olympia has grown tremendously. We now offer almost 100 different sport and activity camps for both boys and girls.

Dave Grace, Camp Director

Dave Grace has devoted his life to the athletic and personal development of young people.

Continually researching the latest learning strategies and self-development techniques, Dave uses his Dave Talk platform to interweave his findings into camper’s daily lives at Olympia.

His mission for Olympia is to empower each and every camper to be the best all-round person that he or she can be.

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