90+ programs to suit any interest

Olympia offers over 90 different programs to specialize in this year. Each 1 week program
includes 5-6 hours of instruction per day, PLUS practice and ACTION!

Sports Adventure Leadership Self-Discovery Arts Fitness Recreation
sports adventure leadership self-discovery arts fitness recreation


Whether you are a first-time player, a recreational player or on a competitive team, Olympia has the top-notch facilities and professional coaches to take your game to the Next Level.

Olympia joined the CANADIAN SPORT FOR LIFE (CS4L) movement in 2014. Canadian Sport for Life is a movement to make sports better. Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is the CS4L pathway to increase overall participation in sport and physical activity, and it also helps to develop top-ranked athletes. It includes guidelines for TRAINING, COMPETITION, and RECOVERY based on principles of human development and maturation.

LTAD considers the best interest of the athlete. LTAD is built on sport science and best practices in coaching from around the world.

Olympia Sports Camp is dedicated to working towards making all of our sport programs athlete-centred and aligning it’s programming with the LTAD principles maximizing the experience for all of our campers. Camp staff is trained in NCCP: Fundamental Movement Skills.

TWIST SPORTS CONDITIONING is a part of all of our SPORT programs


Working with the best instructors and teachers, campers will become more self-confident, independent, inspired, better leaders in school, at home and in life. Leadership programs are designed to help campers become strong independent leaders.


Olympia recruits the best instructors that have experience working with campers to teach them recreational skills for life. Each program is uniquely designed to fit Olympia’s 3 sessions a day schedule. Instructors work with the campers to cover all aspects of the recreational program. In certain programs, campers can receive certifications that will be mailed out after completion.


Olympia’s fitness and sport conditioning camps are designed to help young campers perform to their highest athleticism through the development of speed, power, strength, quickness, agility, movement and balance. Campers will set personal short term goals to reach by the week’s end as well as long term goals for the future. Action plans will be developed and begin based on the needs of each camper. Twist sport conditioning principles & equipment are integrated into these programs.


Olympia has a reputation for providing the most qualified instructors. Campers will experience music, drama, dance, art, and more in the beautiful and inspiring Muskoka. Olympia’s arts campers take part in lessons and practice concepts throughout the week in different ways. Instructors and counsellors help campers find their own style and express themselves in a creative manner.


Get in touch with nature and your inner self and go on an adventure. Specialized instructors and teachers will teach campers basic and advanced tripping skills. Campers will see Ontario’s natural beauty and take on the challenge of going out into the wild. Learn canoeing, kayaking, camping, mountain biking, team-building, survival skills and orienteering in our adventure programs.


Youth empowering programs help campers become more self-aware, develop self-respect, self- confidence and overall self- esteem. Campers go on their own “Hero’s Journey” which allows them to respond to situations and challenges with the living and performance qualities of the ‘hero within’. Thus, they reach for the highest expression of themselves while striving to reach their highest potential.

Program Sessions

Every day campers will participate in ‘Let the Journey Begin’ Life Skills Training Program. Campers will also take part in team building, low ropes activities, high ropes, and water regatta, in order to learn how to work together as a group and have FUN with their session mates.

Development, progression & feedback

Everyone who comes to Olympia is at a different ability level. When campers arrive, they are individually assessed on their skills and abilities. Campers are placed in skill appropriate groups that are a balance between challenge and skill level. This insures campers are not over or under challenged. At the end of each week, all campers will have either a tournament competition, a final performance or culminating activity that displays how much they have improved over the week. A personal record of achievement is included at the end of the week to point out where growth has occurred and “what to work” on at home.



Personal Attention

A hallmark of Olympia’s instructional programs

Olympia recruits the highest qualified coaches and instructors from all over North America to lead Olympia campers toward their performance potential. Coaches and Instructors set goals with campers and help them reach their goals throughout the week. Olympia has an overall 1 coach/camp staff to 6 camper ratio during sessions making individual advice a reality.