The very best adult coaches and instructors!

Olympia’s top priority is to meet the needs of each camper in each specialty program,
whether a beginner or advanced ability/skill level.

Top-Level Instructors

We have recruited over 300 international, national, provincial, university, college, high school, elementary and club coaches to lead our campers toward their highest expression of themselves while striving to reach for their highest potential.

These adult coaches/instructors are renowned for their knowledge of their sport/activity program, with the ability to motivate campers to be their best and to share their knowledge with patience, fairness, empathy, and sense of humour.

This instruction style is aligned with our philosophy that learning can and should be FUN.

Olympia’s counsellors/instructors assist our coaches during session time so their is one coach for every 6 campers.

Drills & Techniques

Instructors use specific drills/techniques and training/teaching methods that are designed to develop individual, fundamental abilities/skills, team/group concepts and overall personal growth. Our goal is for each camper to improve the overall growth of their sport/activity through instruction, practice and competition/action where applicable.

Inner Balance

Instructors interweave ‘INNER BALANCE’ building tools throughout the specialty sessions leading to personal and team ‘INNER BALANCE’.


LTAD Model Programs

Olympia’s SPORTS programs are based around the CANADIAN SPORT FOR LIFE (CS4L), LONG-TERM ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT (LTAD) MODEL. This insures campers are receiving appropriate training (based on developmental age, fundamental movement skills & sport specific skills, proper practice to competition ratio & recovery time).

A major objective of LTAD includes: decision making, ethics, values, fair play, and character building throughout the stages taking into consideration campers cognitive ability to address these concepts. This is in alignment with Olympia’s philosophy.

Our coaches work to progress campers through the various stages of LTAD with a goal of creating self-reliantcamper/athletes who have the physical, mental and social/emotional skills to make their own decisions in the future.