Empowering campers to "BECOME THE HERO OF THEIR OWN STORY!"

What does it mean? It all starts with our vision.
We see our campers as going on a journey – a Hero’s Journey.

‘Let the Journey Begin’

STEP 1: Leaving Home

Campers leave the comforts of everyday life of back home.

STEP 2: Call To Adventure

Campers accept the “call to adventure”: the Olympia Challenge.

STEP 3: World of Olympia

Campers then enter the Special World of Olympia.

The Hero Within

Olympia encourages the following evolving living character traits:

  • Caring
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Co-operation
  • Non-judgment
  • Sharing of one’s gifts

Olympia develops the following performance character traits:

  • Hard work in their activity/skill development
  • Courage by getting out of their comfort zone
  • Resillience by learning to manage emotions in order to remain calm, alert and engaged, so as able to:
    • Think clearly and creatively
    • Problem solve
    • Respond with the “living” character qualities in meeting everyday situations and challenges that arrive.

STEP 4: Meet Allies & Mentors

Olympia’s well-structured PROGRAMS provide the following opportunities to help campers develop their “heroic” character quality traits:

Top Quality Instruction and Action

5 to 6 hours of daily instruction from our professional coaching staff in one of our  Sport, Leadership, Adventure, Recreational, Fitness, Art or Self-Discovery programs.

Traditional Camp

Group living, team-building, structured free-time: various fun and challenging activities under the leadership and supervision of our well-trained counselling and senior staff.

Dave Talks (Let the journey begin: Become the HERO of your own story!)

  • SUNDAY: Dave Grace (Founder/Director of Olympia Sports Camp) will show an animated video and briefly explain what it means to go on a HERO’S JOURNEY.
  • MONDAY: Dave discusses what it means to BECOME THE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY! He also introduces HeartMath, a series of fun and easy-to-learn tools that will help you on your JOURNEY by helping to reduce stress and become more resilient along the way.  Campers also start to follow a former Olympia camper on their journey to the N.B.A/National Team by video presentation.
  • TUESDAY: “THE CALL” – The Hero receives a call to adventure, leaves their “comfort zone”, and journeys to a new place where they set out to BECOME THE HERO OF THEIR OWN STORY!
  • WEDNESDAY: “ALLIES & OGRES” – As the Hero navigates into their unknown world, they will meet new people, encounter new opportunities, and face new challenges. All of these experiences, will help them to learn about who they are: their talents and fears and areas for improvement.
  • THURSDAY: “CHALLENGES” – As they face new challenges, the Hero discovers that they have what it takes within themselves to overcome obstacles and “slay the dragon”.
  • FRIDAY: “THE REWARD” – After slaying the dragon, the Hero has gained new found self-confidence and begins to believe in their ability to achieve other goals. The group celebrates these achievements.
  • SATURDAY: “THE RETURN” – The Hero returns home with a more positive outlook and an understanding that their new-found gifts/talents and courage can be applied to all areas of their life, and can most importantly be used to help others on their journey.



STEP 5: Face Challenges

Throughout the week, whether it be in cabin group activities, during their session, or on the high ropes course, campers face various challenging situations.

These challenges provide campers with opportunities to develop and grow these “heroic” quality character traits.

Challenges reflect campers’ needs and areas needing improvement, for it is only by directly facing them, that they can be overcome.

… and Slay Dragons

While facing challenges, campers learn to SHIFT from depleting negative reactions (dragons) and RESET to more positive life enhancing responses (heroic qualities) by learning: several, simple science based HeartMath techniques at Dave Talk, which are reinforced by coaches and counsellors throughout the week.

These HeartMath techniques help campers to regulate their emotions “on the spot” so they can live and perform better in sport/activity and camp situations. They “SLAY THE DRAGON WITHIN”.

STEP 6: Learning Life Lessons

Campers learn life lessons and insights towards achieving BECOMING THE HERO OF THEIR OWN STORY!

Throughout the week campers learn that by:

  1. Applying these living and performance character qualities of the ‘Hero Within’ to all life situations
  2. Using the HeartMath techniques
  3. Aligning their values, beliefs, skills & behaviour with their Stretch Goal(s)

This elicits positive feelings/emotions resulting in smooth coherent heart rhythms allowing the Body, Mind, Heart, and Emotions to operate in a coordinated, optimal way.

This paves the way for all one’s energies (the “heroic” living and performance qualities of the hero within) to “flow freely” in the same direction (Inner Balance) toward goal achievement, with little wastage of energy (Excellence). Thus, empowering “INNER BALANCE BASED LIVING AND PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE”.

STEP 7: Learn to Be “At-One”

Campers have started to integrate these “heroic” (living & performance) character qualities into their self-image.

Thus they are better able to:

  • Discover their own unique abilities and character traits
  • Grow and nurture these talents
  • Share these GIFTS and TALENTS which become the VEHICLES for expressing and extending these “Heroic” character traits, so as to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their own lives and the lives of fellow campers.

Campers learn to live and perform to the best of their ability.

STEP 8: Return Home

Campers return home having moved in the direction of:

  1. Developing these Living and Performance qualities of the “Hero Within
  2. While striving to live and perform to the best of their ability

Campers now are in a better position to share all of these new found character traits, gifts, talents, life lessons and insights so as to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their own lives and the lives of others on returning home.

And so the Hero’s Journey continues …