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“You can’t lead others until you’ve first led yourself on a journey of self-discovery.
If you are to become the leader you aspire to be then you will have to take the time to step back,
reflect deeply on your past, present and future”
– The Student Leadership Challenge, Kouzes and Posner

The Heroship Program is all about facilitating participants on that journey of self-discovery, leaving their comfort zone to enter their own ‘inner cave’ of fears, doubts, and challenges that they will experience on their hero’s journey. This allows them to discover the TREASURE of ‘who they really are!’ and what is really important to them (Passions & Desires). This journey of self-discovery helps tell participants who they need to become: what qualities, attitudes, skills, and gifts they need to develop in order to reach their potential of their true self, thus leading them to be a better leader in their school, team or organization. Whether your participants wish to reach their own heroic goals, or one day become a great leader in service of others, first they must become the HERO OF THEIR OWN STORY.



After 40+ years of successfully implementing practices and theories into the lives of 150,000 campers, counsellors and coaches to help them become the best version of themselves, Olympia will now be offering its unique program to schools, teams, and organizations to benefit all year round.

Please read on for further information on how the program is delivered, its impact and how you as a school, team or organization can get involved!


$100/hour plus mileage

Program Highlights

Build Heroic Resilience!

Heroic Resilience is staying true to oneself by preparing for, persevering and adapting in the face of stress, challenges and setbacks in the passionate pursuit of one’s goals.

Five ways we build heroic resilience:

  1. Going on a Hero’s Journey
  2. Learning how to self-regulate Energy and Emotions
  3. Learning Heart Math® Tools & Techniques
  4. Developing Heroship Life Skills
  5. Utilizing Heroship Practices

Become the Hero of
Your Own Story!

Participants will be taken on a journey of self-discovery through the 12 elements of their hero’s journey.  They will learn to be a light inspiring others to live their own true path – allowing everyone to soar to their highest potential. This culminates in lasting joy, fulfillment, and happiness for all.