Everything required for a safe and fun camping experience

Along with the numerous sports and activities venues, Olympia also houses
a tuck shop, health center, lifeguard shack, and even laundry facilities (for multi-week campers)

Cabin Accommodations

Each of our cabins accomodates between 7 – 12 campers. All cabins are equipped with modern conveniences such as electricity, washrooms and showers.

To ensure a safe camping experience, the group’s two counsellors reside in each cabin with his or her campers for the entire week of camp.


Indoor Facilities

Olympia offers over 45,000 square feet of indoor training space, including 6 indoor basketball courts which are also used for sports such as roller hockey, badminton, and many others. Campers may also make use of our a large recreation hall, yoga studio, as well as our dining hall and tuck shop!

For the ultimate in fitness, we also feature a weight room, fitness room, aerobics floor, and HeartMath lab.


Outdoor Facilities

The outdoor facilities at Olympia are second to none. With over 40 acres of land, Olympia’s outdoor areas play host to a wide range of sporting activities. With 3 full-size playing fields, and two beach volleyball courts, there is plenty of action going on at all times.

Basketball courts

For some serious basketball action, we’ve built 6 “Pro” basketball courts. Fully paved and complete with lines, these courts with glass backboards have seen the likes of many NBA Pros and other basketball legends.

When not in use for basketball, these courts are also utilized by many other programs including Tennis and Dodgeball to name just a few.

Ropes, lines, and swings

For free time activity, Olympia provides some fantastic fun. Both low-rope and high-rope courses challenge your strength and balance, while our 40 foot tall 4-sided climbing tower will put your endurance to the test.

For the thrill seeker in all of us, three fast-paced zip lines and our Giant Swing, will definitely keep your heart rate up!



Olympia is home to over 1,500 feet of beautiful Muskoka waterfront. Fully staffed by certified lifeguards during all activity times, our waterfront is the hub of activity for many of the most popular sports and activities including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, swimming, NEW ‘THE BLOB’ and much more!