“Let the Journey Begin’: Life Skills Training Program paves the way for campers to improve their Living and Performance qualities. This positive energy approach will enrich your life as well as those around you.


At the heart of Olympia Sports Camp is the belief that we are all heroes. Throughout their stay, campers will participate in unique activities set to the theme of

‘Let the Journey Begin’: Become the Hero of Your Own Story!

Only Olympia offers these unique activities that give campers the practical skills they need to identify goals, overcome obstacles, and remain focused, optimistic and confident, long after they leave camp!

On arrival day, Dave Grace (Founder/Director of Olympia Sports Camp) will talk about what it means to be the HERO of your own story – and what it means to go on a JOURNEY. On Sunday, Dave will also introduce HeartMath, a series of fun and easy-to-learn tools that will help you on your JOURNEY by reducing stress and becoming more resilient along the way while attaining a state of Inner Balance.





Dave Grace has devoted his life to the athletic and personal development of young people.

Continually researching the latest learning strategies and self-development techniques, Dave uses his ‘Let the Journey Begin’ platform to interweave his findings into camper’s daily lives at Olympia.

His mission for Olympia is to Empower each and every camper to be the best all-around person that he or she can be.




Dave’s a certified:

  • Sports Mind Performance Coach
  • International Life Coach
  • HeartMath Trainer
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Positive EFT Practitioner