A Pre-season “Academic Learning and Performance Enhancing” Training Camp

Power Up for Success is a pre-season “Academic Learning and Performance Enhancing” Training Camp em”POWER”ing you to “JUMP START”/”POWER UP” for SCHOOL AND LIFE SUCCESS. This is a fun, multi-faceted program that blends:

  • “Inner Balance” building video games
  • Learning “how to learn” strategies
  • Leadership
  • Self-regulation skills
  • Music and songs
  • Test preparation
  • Adventure challenge activities
  • Fun-filled free time activities
  • Celebration

You will …

  1. Learn specific strategies of “Inner Balance” to perform better in school and life
  2. Be “Inner Balanced”: align actions with values and “The Hero Within”
  3. Boost your Test Scores/Grades
  4. Learn to Self-generate a State of “Inner Balance” for optimal learning and performance
  5. Learn to listen with your heart in order to better communicate, resolve misunderstandings, and build relationships
  6. Learn to “Step Out of Your Comfort Zone” and find out what you are really capable of Being → Doing → Having
  7. Enjoy a journey of non-stop learning and FUN
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Power Up Technology

THE “POWER UP” PROGRAM will utilize our HEARTMATH LAB which is equipped with HEARTMATH Self-Regulation Technology

emWave® Handheld (PSR), emWave® Desktop PC, Dual Drive™ Game – for playing a video racing game that:

  1. Facilitates learning stress reduction
  2. Promotes emotional balance & stability
  3. Increases mental clarity and flexible thinking
  4. Helps “prep” before challenging situations
  5. Builds “Inner Balance” and resilience
  6. Increases performance & learning in all areas of life

Power Up’s teaching method uniquely combines:

  1. The latest teaching methods based on ressearch about the brain and how it learns (brain-based learning)
  2. Heart Math’s Test Edge® – a test preparation program, its research based and scientifically validated to improve:
    • Test scores
    • Learning cycles
    • Comprehension
    • Memory recall
    • Focus and attention
    • Motiviation to succeed

So that your real life learning will be easier, faster, and longer lasting. All in a dynamic, upbeat, emotionally, and psychologically safe environment of positive encouragement and reinforcement.

Power Up’s coaching staff are known for their knowledge of “learning to learn” strategies, test preparation and test taking, study skills, and “Inner Balance” Life-Skill Training.

This coaching style is aligned into our philosophy that learning and performing can and must be FUN.

Power Up’s Game Plan

Uniquely interweaves the learning of the following:


  1. LEARN – STUDY SKILLS that work because they are brain compatible and model what successful students do
  2. SELF-ACTIVATE – OPTIMAL LEARNING STATES in order to learn more, faster, with less effort
  3. LEARN YOUR PERSONAL BEST LEARNING STYLES and then maximize it to get better grades
  4. LEARN TEST PREPARATION/TAKING tools and techniques that make up the “path to test success”
  5. LEARN MEMORY TECHNIQUES and boost memory retention through associations, connections, and triggers
  6. LEARN POWER WRITING METHODS that release ‘the writer within’
  7. LEARN A READING SYSTEM that gives tips to reading faster and boost understanding power
  8. LEARN POWERFUL NOTE-TAKING METHODS that results in better understanding and stronger recall


  1. OLYMPIA’S CLOCK FOR BUILDING INNER BALANCE: Applying what all Top Performers Do to activiate a state of Inner Balance in order to recall their heart-aligned goals.
  2. BUILDING RAPPORT AND RELATIONSHIPS: Trust into yourself and then with others
  3. SELF REGULATION OF EMOTIONS: Use of Heart Math’s emWave Technology for greater self and emotional management, problem solving & resiliency
  4. CREATIVE THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING: Develop “Inner Balance” Mindset of seeing challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Learn strategies to think out of the box and meet challenges in an ever-changing world

2019 Power Up for Success Program Schedule

Boys Camps
Girls Camps
Co-Ed Camps
Session 1
Jun 30 – Jul 6
Session 2
Jul 7 – Jul 13
Session 3
Jul 14 – Jul 20
Session 4
Jul 21 – Jul 27
Session 5
Jul 28 – Aug 3
Session 6
Aug 4 – Aug 10
Session 7
Aug 11 – Aug 17
Session 8
Aug 18 – Aug 24
Session 9
Aug 25 – Aug 31
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