Quarterback, Receiver, Running Back, Linebacker, & Defensive Back Specialty Passing Camp

Winning coaches and personalized non-contact specialty programs give you an edge on next season.

We work on skill development to prepare campers for minor or high school football, and the instruction is tailored to meet the ability of the camper with the opportunity to learn both offensive and defensive skills.


Fundamentals of the passing game from both an offensive and defensive perspective. Quarterbacks, receivers, and running backs will learn how to effectively attack defenses with the passing game, while linebackers and defensive backs will learn the techniques of man, zone and press pass coverage. If you play a position on offense and defense you will learn both positions.

Every day the camp will incorporate 7 on 8 pass skeleton (1 QB, 4 RECs, 2 RBs on offense; 3 LBs and 5 DBs on defense). This is the most effective way for both offense and defense to reinforce the techniques which have been taught during the session. As the week progresses, more session time will be allocated to 7 on 8 pass skeleton and in the evenings, we break into teams and play competitive touch football.

NOTE: Players should come to camp in good physical condition

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Coaching Staff

Jamie Bone

  • Q.B. Coach, University of Western Ontario
  • Former Hec Creighton Winner
  • 1st Canadian Q.B. signed to N.F.L. contract
  • Former Dallas Cowboy
  • Former T.S.N. Analyst for College Football
Session 5

P.J. Edgeworth

  • University of Western Ontario – Defensive Back Coach
Session 5

Paul Harrington

  • St. Joan of Arc CHS (Barrie)
  • Former player Western University Mustangs
  • Former coach Queen’s University Gaels


Session 5


  • Throwing technique
  • Setup and delivery
  • 3 step, 5 step, and sprint out game
  • How to effectively read defenses
  • Understanding zone and man concepts
  • How to read the blitz


  • Proper catching techniques
  • Run after the catch
  • Pass routes
  • Release against man, zone, and press coverage
  • Reading defenses and route adjustment based on defensive coverage
  • Understanding zone and man concepts

Running Backs

  • Catching technique out of the backfield
  • Blitz pickup recognition and technique
  • RB pass routes and proper approach and release
  • Integration into the downfield passing attack
  • Understanding zone and man concepts

Defensive Backs

  • Secondary footwork technique
  • Zone, man, and press techniques
  • How to “attack” the football
  • How to effectively read QB and REC
  • Understanding levels and seams in the passing game
  • Integrating LB play with secondary
  • Secondary blitz technique


  • Footwork and LB pass drop technique
  • Blitz technique
  • Proper coverage techniques in man and zone
  • Understanding levels and seams in passing game
  • How offense attacks LBs and DBs with passing game
  • How to read the QB

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2019 Football (Specialty Camps) Program Schedule

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Jun 30 – Jul 6
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