Discover the real you!

“In the cave you fear to enter lies the treasure you seek most.”

Learn how to leave the ordinary world (your comfort zone)
and discover the treasure of the real you!


This curriculum has been created through over 50 years of ‘researching the researchers’ and our present belief that the youth of today, now more than ever, need direction, tools and resilience to live and perform at their best in facing a more stressful, life challenging and adversity filled world.

Build Heroic Resilience!

Heroic Resilience is staying true to oneself by preparing for, persevering and adapting in the face of stress, challenges and setbacks in the passionate pursuit of one’s goals.


The Result?

Build Heroic Resilience against:

   • Peers

   • Family pressures

   • Media and societal pressures

   • Stress

   • Poor relationships

   • Fear and self-doubt

Perform higher in all areas of life…

Find joy, happiness and fulfillment…

And become the
Hero of your Own Story!